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In today’s fast life, we couldn’t afford to waste our time for a single minute but thanks to our laziness and other factors which tend us to waste our time so many times in a day. There are different psychologies of people in the world which reacts after wasting time. Some people just don’t give any attention to wasting time, they just ignore it and enjoy the moment, they don’t bother about their future, about their actions in their life. 

There are another sort of people who take themselves so serious in this matter and they believe that time wasting is quite dangerous for anyone’s life but still they do waste their time because they don’t have control over themself and after wasting time they show their frustration on different objects/things, sometimes on people as well, they become uncontrollable due to self anger because they don’t like something but do that again and again & due to this habit they spoil their day.

There is another category of people who waste their time but in limits they have control on themselves, if they have nothing to do for 1 hour they could give that time in something unproductive and after 1 hour they come back on their work cycle. Apart from these mind sets, there are many other psychology present related to time management of people. In this blog, we are going to see time wasting in another way & we are going to know that time wasting is not a problem, the problem is something else and we are having a simple solution for it. Let’s take on it.

The Problem

Imagine, you had decided an hour time for some important work but you wasted it. You didn’t complete that work, you didn’t consume your one hour for something productive. Ironically, time wasting is not the exact problem for us, the real problem starts after wasting your time. When you take it as stress that you wasted your time and you become confused and you start feeling a burden of not completing your task and keep thinking about it again and again. You overthink it, due to which you keep wasting your time even after that one hour. You became fail to drive your mind on the right track because you face the lack of objectivity in your life at that moment. As a result, you end up with wasting your complete day, which could have been saved even after wasting an hour.

This is a real life scenario which happens to many people regardless of their profession or their background. After wasting time, they become so frustrated that to recover it they waste more time and sometimes start blaming the things near by them & show their anger on objects or on people around them. In a progressive society we can’t afford to waste our time, as someone has said that you cannot recycle the wasted time. Now it’s time to discuss the approach which should be taken in such situations.


Approach to Apply

I am talking about the calculating approach of time. Whenever you end up in wasting your time, it could be an hour, half an hour, 15 minutes or whatever it is. The moment you recognise that you’ve wasted your productive time, you need to start calculating your remaining time of the day and just remember your objective of your work and try to focus more and more on it. Just make a free calculation in your mind that you’ve wasted this much time but still you are having that much time remaining for the day.

Now, you’ve to focus on your work pending and try to finish as much work as you could in the decided time. After doing this task, you won’t feel any regret of wasting your time, instead you are going to feel proud that you’ve given your time for your objective, for your work, for your dream today. Apart this, there is another benefit of it that you’ve learnt a technique to escape yourself from wasting your time. You could share it with other people as well to just boost up your self motivation.


Concluding Part

Many times, we see in the society that when we got to waste our time, after wasting time, we try to recover that time by increasing our speed of work. Sometimes we succeed & the other times, we don’t to deliver the task on time. Here, we just increase our speed of working due to which we loose the quality of work, which we could have achieved if we were on time, if we were not wasting our time. This kind of thing is certainly observed in technical work. Therefore, we also urge to not go with haste with your work and don’t compromise with the quality of work. You could take some more time but at least you are going to feel happy that you are back on the track even after wasting your time.

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