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Intro – Monday Morning Motivation

You’re a corporate guy & It’s weekend and you enjoy your Saturday night to the fullest because next day (Sunday) is holiday and you enjoy your holiday entirely as well. But while catching Sunday night, you start getting little stress of going to work next day. In Monday morning, this stress level goes high. Your blood pressure & heart beats go higher than normal & this cycle goes every week with the same pace. Am i talking about your routine then you’ve come at the right place. We are talking about the Monday Morning and how to get Monday Motivation. We face the fear of Monday Morning, the fear to go to work on Monday. The stress and depression we face on this day. 

You feel it more difficult to go to work when you’ve just finished your long holidays and the very next day you got to go to work. This moment becomes extremely stressful for many working professionals. It happens to them somewhere since they are still connected to their holidays emotionally. They are living those moments in their subconscious mind. They are finding it hard to disconnect themselves with these feelings, which they enjoyed a lot. Therefore, it becomes extremely hard thing for them to forget it and come back in present.

We have concern for those who have to get up early in the Monday Morning & go early to their office after a complete sleep of Sunday Morning. We could assume the pain which any working professional feel at that point of time. No matter how much he/she earns but they have to break the routine of sleeping till late in the morning and setting off early for their office.


Why is it Important to Discuss

– A study shows that there are 20% more heart attacks on Monday than any other day.

– People get high blood pressure in the Monday Morning while heading to work than any other day of the week.

In short, we just couldn’t afford that any working professional get single stress element in his mind while going to work. Imagine, if a person who is just about to reach office and about to start his work and getting lots of stress in his head then what would be the productivity. The quality which company needs from an employee doesn’t meet its standards with such a guy who is having lots of stress in his mind. It’s not about only company’s loss, it’s the pure loss for that professional as well.

If he wouldn’t come out from this trauma, Monday Morning stress, then it is going to harm him everytime in every company where he goes. When it goes long, then it is going to stay permanent in the mind of a person regardless of which kind of company he is joining. If he would join a company having really cool working culture, there as well that person won’t get the peace of mind because he’s in the habit of Monday stress for so many years and which is not going to leave him that easily.

Why Does it Happen

– It happens because we have seen our known persons doing the same thing for years. They seem in hurry on Monday. Apart from it, we see the whole world running fast in the Monday Morning. It impacted our mind to go in the same way in our life as well. You could see this difference at the public places throughout the world. When it is Monday Morning, there is extreme rush at the public places. Everybody would be seen in hurry and fast to reach their offices. The time to reach office is same for all working days, the person is same but there is something special with the Monday Morning that everyone is more fast or we could say it’s the negative energy for monday, who get a kind of stress, pressure, fear from inside in the Monday Morning & don’t feel comfortable at all.

– We get stress at Monday Morning as we don’t live in present on Monday, we are stuck in our past. Somewhere the past memories which we live a day before are massive on our mind. As a result, they spoil our Monday Morning because our mind is not ready to take the present in the way it should be taken. Imagine, if you had gone for water park on your Sunday off with your family and friends. You had lots of fun over there.

Naturally, the next day, in the morning you ain’t going to get the Monday Motivation for work because your happiness moment of the last day would come in between. Which would distract you again and again because you are not the master of your emotions at that time. Same way, every Sunday you spend somewhere. Even if, you stay at your home then too it is different from a working day. That’s why Monday Morning gives you a tough struggle.


Fear for Future

Another main reason is that we take unnecessary stress on our mind by thinking for future. We fear for future which is totally unwanted for that particular point of time because future is uncertain. In the Monday Morning, many working professionals take stress on their mind by thinking about the targets or the assignments or the projects which either they are going to get for the fresh week or which they didn’t complete for the last week. As a result, they are supposed to suffer somewhere. Such worries which are related to future are the another cause for Monday Morning Stress, which are the barrier in Monday Motivation.

What To Do

While at Home, Be at Home

First important thing which anyone needs to do to get rid of Monday Morning Stress is to not take your office at home. Just make a straight rule in your life that while at home, be at home. You couldn’t mix up your personal & professional life. Else, there is going to be mess in your mind and which is going to increase your stress level on Monday Morning or any other week day.

While at home, if you would be thinking about your work and the challenges you are going to face in your work, you are not going to enjoy your personal life or home life at all. Which is going to results in no happiness at home. And when you aren’t happy at one place, then how could you become happy at another place. You’ve to learn to be happy everywhere. Same way, while working you couldn’t think about home. Just give your maximum at your work. After that, you never going to feel your Monday Morning stressful or unrelaxed.


Work of Imagination

Our imagining powers play quite significant role in to make our Monday Morning stress free and happy. All you need to do is to think about few happy moments at Monday Morning or while going to work. You have to think and bring up some happy times of your Sunday or any other day which are going to shift your emotions from strain to happiness because our emotions have that power to lift up our mood in a short span of time. This magic doesn’t come overnight, you’ve to practice it at times to get better results with your Monday Morning emotions.


Yoga Way

Regular habit of yoga is another way to keep our life stress free and make our Monday Morning energetic and motivational. When we practice yoga, we get balance in our life. Our breathing capacity goes high, heart beats and blood pressure go to normal. Yoga provides the power to bear any pressure of life. We don’t get fear that easily when we are involved in yoga. Adding to this, yoga gives that flexibility in our life to get up early in the morning & fix the gap of different timings of getting up on different days.


Concluding Part

Today onwards, we won’t feel good to see a single professional going to work on Monday Morning with dull & stressed line faces in metro trains. We want to see every face looking happy, cheerful and energetic to do something great that Monday. All along, you could go through some big personalities of the world while heading to your work. Same way, you could watch their videos to get easy Monday Motivation, which is going to lighten up your Monday Morning. Just remember, if you would succeed to make your Monday morning motivational, then you are going to live it the complete week.

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