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Social media is a new form of technology. It has made our life different in many ways. When it comes to social media, we could think about scopes in many areas. Apart from fun, personal attachment with your friends and known, gaining knowledge in different ways, social media is also a quite popular platform for marketing. You may not get something in a market but it is almost impossible that you don’t get a product or service through internet or through social media. In short, I must say social media is the lifeline of today’s world. Whenever anything happens anywhere in the world, the first thing people think about is social media, to be updated with that incident or with any event. With time, there are many facilities are coming in for social media to make people life more easy & advanced than earlier. Social media promise everything of the world.

On the other hand, social media has many disadvantages as well. One way it gives us information of the world, another way it is the major source for rumours in the world today. Due to these false rumours, we’ve seen a disorder in the society many times. It is being observed many times when people say that they go to social media for just 5 or 10 minutes but they end up wasting their 2 to 3 hours of quality time. Social media is also responsible for many health disorders, even doctors have started to blame social media for many health disorders specially psychological or mental disorders. It affects our eyes negatively when continue using social media for long time there are so many such disadvantages, which we generally see in our society. We call it social phobia when use social media in excess.


Coming To The Point

Our method is going to enhance your self controlling power with the help of social media or i could say social media gives you platform to test your self controlling power and improve it with time provided you intentionally want to work on your self controlling power. Before actually starting our method, lemme share something related to self controlling power. I guess, self power is the biggest power with any human being of the world.

If we see any successful personality of the world, they are the master of self controlling power. They eat when it is time to eat, they work when it is time to work, they sleep when it is time to sleep, when they need to go somewhere then they don’t look here and there they just go there and it is the highest urgent thing for anybody in the world to become successful in any area. You must have controlling power with yourself to ignore those things/task which are of no use and to adopt only those things/task, which needs to be implement right away.

It may look very easy when you are reading this all stuff but it is all practical oriented task which is connected to your self motivation, self confidence and overall success for your life. Self controlling power is the biggest weapon for anybody in the world and the beauty of this power is that you don’t have to pay a single penny in getting the skill, this is all inside you. You just need to knock yourself whenever you feel that you are loosing yourself or self controlling power and it is within, the power is within, you’ve to get it again from your inside only. No outsider is going to help you out in getting this power. Now, let we discuss how social media is providing us a platform/space to try out our controlling power and further improve it.


The Method –

In order to enhance your controlling power all you have to do is to set a framework while using social media. For that, we’ve given a simple process. Lemme discuss it below:


1. Set a goal before going to social media

Whenever you think about social media you’ve to think first that what is the exact purpose of going to it. It doesn’t matter what’s the purpose. It could be to go to chat, you may go to have fun, entertainment, gaming or anything which you could get from social media, but a goal must be there. There could be multiple goals as well. After setting up the goal, you are all set for second point.


2. Detect the moment you accomplished goal

After this, you could start using social media. While using it, you’ve to detect the moment when your goal is accomplished. This is the prime moment of the method. You may be unable to do it in the first time but you’ve to make it a habit and keep practicing again and again. After trying to remember it many times you are going to do it properly. You have to just give a message to your mind once your goal is accomplished or complete.


3. Stop using it

Once you detect the moment you just stop using social media right away. It’s not going to be that easy, you have to make up your mind many times before doing this because your social media mind won’t keep it easy for you.

After following this process, you’ve gained a most important thing for a human being which is self controlling power. After following this, you actually control yourself, your actions. Once you make this habit with social media, you are going to gain so many positive vibes in your life because you are going to save your much time which would have wasted, now further you could use this time for something important for your life.

Concluding Part 

In the concluding part, let me tell you something more useful that we’ve connected this method to only social media but you could adopt this method in your life for anything. When we look deeply in our life, we would find there are many times when we waste our time in unnecessary things and which becomes the reason for our stress, anxiety in life in some ways or the others. All along, when you start adopting this model in your life with your habits, you are going to get positive vibes and feelings of self motivation and self confidence, which plays a significant role for anyone’s success.

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