Excerpts of Speech of Navjot Singh Sidhu –

A person is not with his birth, but his deeds. He is with his mentality. To change the universe one needs to change his thinking.

A leader converts weakness into strength, obstacles into stepping stones and threats into opportunities.

You need be a believer, to be a achiver.

Fear causes negativity, but courage conquers the fear. Courage is the hallmark of a champion. The 15 years old Sachin Tendulkar continued to play with his injured bleeding nose and converted our defeat into triumph. He speaks less, but his bat screams. This is the way a champion behaves.

Champions don’t worry about the result but they behave with courage in the middle of adversity. Anybody who can face adversity, doesn’t buckle down under pressure. “Pressure is, what you allow it to be”.

I have been myself throughout my life, and that’s the best thing of my life. When you imitate someone, you can’t be the other person but you loose yourself.

A person with new idea has to put efforts untill he get success. You have to believe in your ideas, then you must have power to execute it. “Good intentions die unless they are executed”.

I was dropped out of Indian team for 4 years. And I came back in 1987 world cup. My coach asked me to play slow, but I listened to my inner self and I scored 26 sixes and 5 half centuries in a row. It was a world record and still is.

Nothing great can be achieved without risk. You need not to compete with other, but yourself to get success.

“Jealousy is like jaundice of the soul”. It is a disease to think, what others will think about you. Don’t be accountable to world, but to yourself.

When I was dropped out of team, I wasn’t serious about my practice, but an article by a columnist named Rajan Bala with heading ‘ Navjot Singh Sidhu: The Strokless Wonder’ changed my life. I pasted it on my cubboard, donated my colourful clothes and started to practice hard. My hands would bleed, but I continued my practice. I used to score 126 sixes everyday, and never take rest for 4 years. I got selected in team and made world record. The same columnist wrote an article on me titled ‘Sidhu: From a Strokless Wonder to Palm- Grove Hitter’.

Success is all about blood, sweat, tears and hard work. There is no shortcut to success.

Your life depends on the way you look at it. I have never managed time. I have done just one thing at a time, by getting immersed in that.

Politics gives me immense satisfaction. I am proud of myself, that i never stood against my words for so called futile benefits.

My father told me when you are in doubt, step towards truth. Never compromise on your moral values.

Biggest room in this world, is room for improvement. The day you think you are perfect, is your death day. I have no respect for person who is not better than what he was yesterday.

(Navjot Singh Sidhu delivered it at Airtel Achiever’s Club 2015)

(Source : YouTube)