Google can’t replace the Guru (teacher), Guru will always come at first place.

You should not study for employment. The main purpose of education is not only employment, but also knowledge and enlightenment.

In our tradition, women is considered as Goddess. Our country is called “Bharat Mata”(mother of India) not Bharat Pita (father of India). All of our rivers are named after Goddess and are worshipped, so we should respect all women.

We need not to know the religion and caste of other people and should respect all languages and religion. “Unity in Diversity” is the speciality of India. We all are Indian first then we belong to different religions.

Every student must be deciplined, he must have a social outlook. He must respect others.

Religion is the way of working but Culture is the way of life. Even today, India has culture of tolerance and respecting others. One family is the philosophy of India. We respect not only humans but also animals, birds, land and rivers. This is the culture of India.

Once I said Nation comes first then comes the party and self comes last but Dr. Baba Sahab Ambedkar said Indian first, Indian next and Indian last.

Our great freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Jawaharlal Nehru sacrificed their everything for the unity, integrity and betterment of our country. So keep all these things in your mind, take everyone along with you and work for betterment of our nation.

I am recalling the words of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, he said Dream, Aim, Dream high. Dream cannot be realised unless you work hard.

Abdul Kalam is a shinning example, he came from an ordinary background. He distributed newspapers on cycle and at the end became the president of India.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who used to sell tea, has become the Prime Minister of our country.

There is a lot of opportunities in India provided you work hard, you are disciplined and committed.

I was born in a farmer’s family in a village. I used to walk 3 kilometres daily to school. There was no electricity in my village to study at night. I didn’t have any political background, today I am here, just because of my hard work.

Hard work and discipline has no substitute. Aim high, have commitment, don’t give up in between and you will excell.

Use the resources of our country carefully. Maintain harmony between education and sports. Sports are very important for health, without health there is no guarantee of wealth.

Focus on physical activities, maintain healthy lifestyle, go back to our roots. Take the inspiration from ancient India and build our better new India. You have the capability to bring the positive change.

When you have to choose any path in your life, choose the path of truth and honesty.