You guys are the future of the world. I remember, when I was a teenager, there was so many questions used to come in my mind that how does greatness come, does it come with money or fame.

The one thing that will make you great in life is your character. You need to know who you are, walk your path, know your character. That is what will make you great.

The status in world is not defined by what you do but how well you do. Whatever you do in your life, do it great and that will show your character to people around you.

Be givers in life, don’t wait for people to show you love. Be contributor, whatever you want in your life will come to you automatically.

‘Krrish’ (Movie) taught me that it’s not about jacket or powers what make you superhero. A superhero can be anyone of us. He is one who uses all his powers, whatever he has to help others, in service of others.

A superhero is all about a symbol. He stands for a certain set of values. If you understand those values, nobody is gonna stop you being superhero in your life.

When I wear band and jacket of Krrish, I feel like Krrish. It’s not because of materialistic things, but because of mental decision, which anyone can take. It just takes three seconds.

Whenever you are confused in life, whenever it’s time to take hard decision in life. Take those three seconds, then you will ask the right questions and will get right answer.

(Source : YouTube)