Epic Speech of Vladimir Putin

Our motherland welcomes people of Crimea with open arms and considers them as it’s  daughters and sons. We respect their love for our country.

We respect other countries, people and their interests but we also ask them to respect our interests.

We love our country and there are not tens of thousands of people like us, we are tens of millions across all over country. But we want be more numerous, we want to grow more children in Russia. We want them to be healthy and well educated with decent work.

We are not only ready to work for, but also protect our glorious motherland.

We will not let anyone interfare in our affairs and impose other values on us because we have our own values.

We have always been victorious. Victory is in our genes, in our genetic code and it’s handed down from generation to generation.

We want more than this victory. We need to face numerous trials and hardships like poverty, inequalities, the lies and corruption of bureaucrats.

I believe we can build a better society where every single man, from a entrepreneur to a worker lives with a truthful and moral way of life.

I dream of a country with national unity. Where everyone has a hope for a bright future.

We are multi ethnic, united supreme people. We are not rejecting anyone, we call everyone to unite with our country.

We ask everyone to stay with us, to go straight forward and not to sympathise with western ideals and betray the motherland. We ask to work for our country and its citizens and love Russia like us.


(Vladimir Putin)
Source : YouTube