Today I am standing here is just because of my teachers and elders. What I am today is result of their lessons.

I am not a Solomon but I love knowledge. I am not a scientist but I do experiment and learn from them. My opinions are not based on apprehension but obesrvation. I have only observation to learn from.

According to my parents ‘Knowledge is that investment that gives you return till end’.

After food, shelter and clothes, what a person needs is education. It couldn’t be stolen like money. We need to support education for women and girls.

Money or weapons can’t make you powerful but knowledge can. One day weapons will become obsolete but later can never be obsolete.

We may not remember how many kings were there, who defeated whom but we will never forget who discovered zero and who wrote National Anthem.

A powerful person is respected only within the boundaries of his power. But people like Albert Einstein, Rabindranath Tagore and William Shakespeare are admired by people all over the world.

Knowledge is a single weapon that will protect you lifetime so “Never stop learning because learning never stops”.

You should study without worrying about end result just like you learn swimming or cycling, which you never forget for lifetime.

I sincerely feel that when you chase knowledge, numbers will always follow.

Source : YouTube