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How to get Self Knowledge

There are many instances in your life when you think that why you don’t get the solution to many problems . Those problems which are very small but you don’t get the perfect idea on the right time . Sometimes , at the time of taking right decision your mind goes blank . There are many moments in your life , when you think that your self knowledge is limited to some extent , not only knowledge your thinking level is limited to some extent . You are only able to think to that extent which is a part of your life .

In other words , the process of your life in which you are already engaged , your thinking roll around this process only . It couldn’t think out of the box , due to which you remain limited in your life . You don’t get the courage to  get out of your comfort zone . As a result , you remain away from the true success of your life which you desire , which you have right upon .

We are going to discuss a simple process of simple steps . Which is going to ensure breaking of the limits of your mind . By following this process , you are going to be in a position to take right decision on the right time in your life . You won’t feel limit of your thoughts , you wouldn’t feel limit of your knowledge . You would be able to use self knowledge in your life . After that , you would be able to get ideas or to get the brilliant ideas to live life through your self knowledge . You don’t have to consult others , you don’t have to wait for others . The power is within you , the solution is within you .

Before coming on the point that how to make yourself to get self knowledge . Let me tell you one thing that the process is known to everyone . It is possible that you were into this process for some time in your life . But , our motive to share it with you is to make you to have a discipline to follow this process.

The Process

For self knowledge , you must have a clear thought process and for clear thought process you must have millions of productive , harmonious thoughts in your mind . For having these thoughts in your mind , you must install something productive in your mind time to time . There could be many ways for it . We are going to discuss these methods in this blog right after this . Actually , the process start from the last step . The thing which you need to do first is to install your mind with productive and harmonious thoughts . Why do we say to install millions of thought in your mind because there is a simple formula for it .

‘If there is no input , that won’t be any output’

If you want your mind to reflect something harmonious and productive to you , then you must give something to your mind first . You must install the type of stuff in your mind which you want to get in the form of outcome , in the form of self-knowledge . There is no notebook in the world , which gives you the direct solution to all problems of your life particularly . At last , you’ve to search yourself for the perfect and outstanding solution for your problems because everyone’s lifestyle & living processes are different from each other . Even , twins have many differences (in lifestyle , opinion , thought process) in many ways to each other .

But in order to generate self-knowledge to control your life , to manage your life , you must give input in form of knowledge to your mind . The knowledge which is present in the world in different forms , you just take it in the way it is but it is your mind which is going to apply that knowledge in your life according to the comfort of your life , according to the requirement of your life . The mind would be in the position to use this knowledge once it has something . Let me discuss different methods to gain knowledge to get millions of harmonious & fruitful ideas in your mind .



There are two types of methods through which you could get thoughts in your mind . Which is internal & external –


Internal Method

It includes internal practices like meditation , prayer & so on . When you deep involved in yourself , you start getting virtual thoughts , images of your mind . Which are somewhere connected to the world . When you practice in such a way for long time you could generate a particular thought process in your mind . Furthermore , when you truly involved in yourself for a long time , you get those answers of the universe , which is unknown to the world . You could unlock that self power which is unknown to many . Which is not common to our society but have existence .


External Methods

There could be many external methods to install knowledge in your mind . It could be a newspaper , magazines , social media or digital media . The best external method could be books . Books which give you the learning of harmony , peace and righteousness . It could be autobiography of any leader , It could be fictional or nonfictional stories , could be Scriptures to make us aware from our roots . You could get knowledge about any stuff to generate thoughts in your mind from your friends , colleagues , family members & so on .

In all these methods , You just have to take care of one thing that the core idea which is going to install in your mind must be harmonious , constructive and progressive for the world . I’ve discussed only limited methods . There could be many more methods , which are going to work in your life . Therefore , search these methods yourself and be a transformer of self-knowledge . In conclusion , I just want to add that if you are a hub of self-knowledge , It won’t only help you but your surroundings as well . Therefore , keep processing the knowledge in order to make it self knowledge and have a clear thought process of mind .

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