Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with students who are going to appear in board exam.

Narendra Modi said today is my test and all students present here are my examiner. He said today I am your friend not any prime minister.

Mr. PM spoke self confidence can only be achieved by working hard.

Narendra Modi suggested students to analyse themselves and find out what you love and perform the same for better concentration. Yoga also helps in better concentration he added.

He asked students to live in present and not to worry about past and future for better concentration. He recommended to do only one thing at a time.

Mr. Modi suggested students not to compete with others but with themselves. He said you need to find out your strengths work for betterment of your own self.

He urged parents not to impose their dreams on students. He requested them not to compare students with others and pressurise them for their social status.

Narendra Modi said you can only focus when you defocus. He encouraged students to defocus themselves by involving in sports and extra curricular activities.

Mr. Prime Minister advocated healthy balance between IQ (intellengece quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient). He said IQ can give sucess but EQ plays a great role for creating sense of mission.

He advised students to keep track of daily activities by maintaining a diary.

Mr. Modi asked students not to limit themselves by a single dream or target.

Narendra Modi recommended ‘Yoga Nidra’ technique for better sleep.


(Source : Internet)