Alibaba Jack Ma speech on Success for Students & Entrepreneurs

I think if you succeed every mistakes become legendary, if you fail that’s just garbage.

Everybody has great stories, everybody had a lot of mistakes, everybody had a lot of problems but very few people listen to you. One day, when you become successful, people listen to you.

I am not that great I was born in a normal family. I am not good at schooling. Of course I tried to study hard but as a boy you know my school was not that good at that time. So, I failed looking for jobs, looking for joining University & joining good schools. But, I never give up.

Brilliant Speech of Alibaba Founder Jack Ma on Success | Motivation N You

I think there is one thing I learnt why you should have a chance to be successful. Everybody get used to fail but not used to be get accepted by other people. Why other people should help you. You should earn the right to be helped. The thing I learnt is ‘don’t give up’. My opportunity has not come yet. When everybody complain that is an opportunity. #alibaba Jack Ma

I always thought when I was young, when i was in high school or university, I thought Bill Gates took off my job. Bill gates did all the successful things. Larry Ellision from Oracle, they took all the wonderful opportunities, IBM benefit. We people have no opportunity.

I think I aim too high, I should aim to support and help people around me, do tiny things.

I never thought I could be today. After 18 years, Alibaba become today size, not because I am smart. I don’t think I am a smart person but I work with a lot of smart people. Most smart people, they always want to do successful things, quick and easy things.

Brilliant Speech of Alibaba Founder Jack Ma on Success | Motivation N You #alibaba Jack Ma

I think it’s not easy to be successful quickly. Every time everything we do, we prepare for 10 years. I know I am not smart, if we want to be successful, we have to win 10 years later, if we want to be successful, we have to work with smart people, if we want to be successful, we should make lots of mistakes and never give up. Lot of people make mistake, they have problem, they give up. We never give up, we learn from mistakes. #alibaba Jack Ma

I think when we fail, the message, the experience, the advice, I want to give you, you are judged when this person will be successful or not by when he fail, he thinks it’s his fault or the others fault. If he thinks I failed because of the others, this guy has no chance. Those people who fail, always think it’s my fault, I do not do it properly. I should change here or change there. These guys have opportunity.

I learn alot from those people who fail, I learn a lot from those people who made mistakes. I learn alot from my mistakes, this is my life attitude.

Brilliant Speech of Alibaba Founder Jack Ma on Success | Motivation N You

When I fail, I say, see I failed. When I succeed, I never know I could be successful, this makes me very positive and optimistic. Because of so many mistakes, too much of failure, that make me never complain because I get used to that. We are making mistakes every day, even today we make stupid decisions almost everyday. We thought it was smart but final result proves it was stupid. But we learn and we do again, we learn we do again, that’s the way, that’s the life attitude.

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