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Did You Just Waste Your Time, Don’t Worry, Here is Your Motivation

Blog 93 In today's fast life, we couldn’t afford to waste our time for a single minute but thanks to our laziness and other factors which tend us to waste our time so many times in a day. There are different psychologies of people in the world which reacts after wasting time. Some people just don't give any attention to wasting time, they just ignore it and enjoy the moment, they don't bother about their future, about their actions in their life. There are another sort of people who take themselves so serious in this matter and they believe that [...]

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Privilege & Self Motivation | Ensure Progress

Blog 83 We all have some sort of privileges . Sometimes , We get it naturally , sometimes we effort to get it . According to the World Bank , approx . 12% population of this world don't have the privilege / access of electricity . Same way , many people don’t have the privilege of smart phones & Internet in this world . Many people have privilege of a sedan / personal vehicle but the others don't have . I believe every person have privileges of some kind in this world . A person that has any privilege , [...]

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