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Motivational Quotes of Nelson Mandela | Conquer Fear

The greatest glory in living lies , not in never falling , but in everytime we fall .  A winner is a dreamer , who never gives up . I never lose , either win or learn . It always seems impossible , untill it's done . I learned that courage was not absence of fear , but triumph over it . A brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he conquers his fear. Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success , if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do . [...]

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Motivational Quotes of Lal Bahadur Shastri

The basic idea of governance, as i see it, is to hold the society together so that it can develop and march towards certain goal.   The loyalty to the country comes ahead of all other loyalties. And this is an absolute loyalty, since one cannot weight it in terms of what one receives.   India will have to hang down her head in shame if even one person is left who is said in any way to be untouchable.   We have now to fight for peace with the same courage and determination as we fought against aggression.   [...]

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