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Social Media for Self Improvement | Enhance Self Controlling Power

Blog 92 Social media is a new form of technology. It has made our life different in many ways. When it comes to social media, we could think about scopes in many areas. Apart from fun, personal attachment with your friends and known, gaining knowledge in different ways, social media is also a quite popular platform for marketing. You may not get something in a market but it is almost impossible that you don't get a product or service through internet or through social media. In short, I must say social media is the lifeline of today's world. Whenever anything [...]

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How To Become Intelligent | Knowledge , Motivation & Progress

Blog 81 How to Become Intelligent It is a saying that a poor but wise man is worth than a rich & unwise man because ultimately a wise man could become rich thousand times with the use of his brain and knowledge . On the other side , an unwise may even find it difficult to remain rich for a long time . By inspiring from this phrase or without it , people are in race to be known as wise and knowledgeable in the society . In order to get the answer that how to become intelligent , they [...]

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World Population Growth & Development | World Population Day 2019

Blog 80 World Population Growth & Development We are above 7.7 Billion (7.7 Billion, May 2019) today in the world . Some projections indicate that it is going to grow more than 30% by 2050 & will reach to 9.8 Billion . When we talk about the world population problems , then the conflict over water , food , energy , open space , transportation , Infrastructure is there in front of the world . World population growth is causing another problem as well . It is destroying Greenbelt Forest in highly populated area because more population needs more space [...]

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