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There are certain types of fear which we get time to time . These are fear of professional life , fear in personal life , fear of teacher , fear of parents , fear of step forwarding in life , fear of exams , fear of success , fear of failure & so on . Most of you may agree if I say that these fears are useful for some point of time . But it becomes a problem when any fear starts dominating someone’s life . In such a situation the life is going to be at risk . Which is not a progressive signal for that person , for their family , for this world .

Therefore , there must be a mechanism or a technique which we could use at times when we get fear . There are many remedies / methods / techniques available on different sources to control fear and to dominate over fear . Many of them are extremely effective as well . I am going to share a technique which is quite easy to follow & quite effective to make you feel fearless in a fearful situation . It may be possible that you have heard such a technique already but I am sure not many people are following it in their life . My idea is to just present it in front of you in order to make you experience this technique and feel the change of emotions yourself .


Why To Remove Fear

Fear has direct connection with self esteem and self-confidence . Where there is fear there couldn’t be any progress . Fear shouldn’t control us , we should control fear & have domination over it . It maybe impossible or extremely hard to just eradicate fear from our life . But it is quite possible and necessary to have control over fear . Just have the bar of self confidence above the fear all the time . Where there is fear there is going to be sadness and imbalance of mind . In such a situation , this mind is going to get stress very easy and the height of stress is extremely dangerous . It could take someone’s life as well . Therefore , It is quite important & need of the hour to remove fear .

Before going further , I want to add something that there are fears which are essential like fear of police to not doing anything illegal . Likewise , there are certain fears of many prospects of our life which are essential for smooth functioning for this world . But it becomes a problem when any sort of fear crosses its limit and dominate our mind more than required time . I’m sure parents take care of this thing in regard to their childrens . If not then they must start thinking about it .

I’m not sure but have a gut feeling that there must be some training classes in some regions of the world , which are having certain programs . Which help to make you fearless . When we look back into our roots , We find many scriptures , which talk about fear & how to remove it . There are techniques like yoga & other spiritual techniques which help for a stable and fearless mind . The technique which I’m going to share today is something different and unique . Straightaway , Let’s look at this .

The Technique

To follow this technique you don’t need to practice regularly . What all you need to do is only apply this at the moment when you get fear . When your mind is blocked due to fear or you sense fear all around your mind . The technique is that whenever you get fear , just find someone that is junior to you and start telling him the methods to get rid of fear . Now , You’ve to understand it before confusing yourself . The first thought which is coming in your mind could be that how is it possible to tell remedies of the fear , when you are into fear already .

It may look difficult in first impression but when you have a junior , your younger brother/sister in front of you , naturally you would feel superiority and desire to express something . I’m not saying to just think of exact remedies of fear but whatever thoughts you are going to get at the moment related to your fear or how to eradicate it , just express it . When you try it practically with a person that is younger to you , you would naturally get such thoughts .

Imagine , you are a cricketer & you are about to step into the stadium and take strike with bat . But , you are getting extreme fear of the bowler who is supposed to be on the bowling end . Here , this fear is a problem because it will create difficulty in focus of the batsman . When there is no focus on the cricket pitch , It is going to be impossible to stay there . Therefore , according to our way if that batsman talks with his junior (another batsman who is many years junior to him or a newcomer) . The batsman would say that ‘to play this bowler is extremely easy or when we play this bowler in such a style we would get easy boundaries’ .

Once you start talking in such a way , you realise that your fear is flying away from you . Because when you express something with emotions , naturally you starts feeling it . After that , in fraction of seconds you become someone else . When you express something verbally with emotions for a certain period of time , you start getting same in your actions as well . Whatever emotions you express , you get it immediately . When there is junior in front of you , It would be very easy for you to talk opposite of the fear which you feel . It’s a human nature that whenever you talk to your junior , you speak confidently . Even , when you are under stress or in fear , you try to not show it to your junior & talk with confidence & maturity . So , We could use this quality of us for our benefit .


Concluding Note

The above is just an example , you could use this method to remove fear in any field . If you are a working professional and have plenty of targets . There may be some stages , when you feel fear of losing your job . This time , just talk to your junior , talk about the ways to be perfect in your work . I don’t say that it would save you from losing your job but it will definitely make you fearless . After which you would be able to focus on your work that would save you from losing your job . As someone has truly said that ‘life begins where fear ends ‘ .

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