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No matter where you live , no matter what you are , no matter what you do but it’s a guarantee after doing this activity you are going to get immense self-motivation and self-confidence . After this activity whatever you are going to do is going to give you positive results because you do it with self motivation . I have suggested already many ways for self motivation in my previous blogs but this activity is pretty different and effective .

The best part of this activity is that it is very much familiar to all of us . Maybe we do this activity sometimes but still when it comes to mass people , we lack it . With a motive to increase the habit of this activity I have to deliver this blog . This blog is important because it is related to protect our nature , to protect the human cycle , the living cycle . Straight away , Let’s we jump on the activity .

The Activity

Serve Creatures

The activity is as simple as you read it . What all you have to do is to serve creature in any way . You could serve any creature of the world with your choice of doing . It’s totally upon your understanding that which could be the best way at your place to serve creatures . Like , it’s summer season going on , In many countries of the world it’s scorching sun these days . So you could put water on the roof (in an earthen pot or sort of stuff) or at any empty space , open space of your house/office for birds .

Human beings feel extreme thirst for summer season so as birds & animals are . Therefore , We could make it a habit to put water for birds or animals . I have seen in many villages people construct a small water pot for birds & fodder containers (Cemented) for animals . They put water or fodder (for animals) in it every day & take care of it . We could see the same trend in cities as well . So it must get to promote with time .

Other way is to feed them with different kind of grains and other things . We could see people going to parks and feed dogs with biscuits and other items . People make shelters for stray dogs and other animals outside their home . You could serve dogs , cow , fish , ants or whichever is accessible to you . These are just few ways/techniques which people use to serve creatures . You could use any method which fits best at your place . 


Why Is This Important

It’s our duty to take care of birds and animals because we are capturing their space , We are cutting out their forest and build something . It is important from the point of ecosystem as well . God has made this world and made all creatures , human beings to live in this beautiful world . God has not made them to only live but there is another reason that these all creatures and human beings are responsible for the living world & dependent on each other . If there is any imbalance between creatures and human beings living , then the standard of overall living would get affected because creatures , nature and human beings are dependent on each other .

The food for human being comes either from nature or from creatures/animals . Same way many creatures/animals are either dependent on human beings or on nature or on both . Above all , nature is dependent on human beings & on creatures as well . Nature has given us limited resources , which could go for extreme further if human beings use it in the right manner , otherwise it would behave negatively for human life . Same way , We have to take care of creatures as it has important role in making nature , in life cycle , in ecosystem .

Every creature has it’s role to make balance on earth . Today , technology is extremely advanced . So it is possible that it may harm the ecosystem somewhere . Simultaneously , We have to take the charge and make commitments to save creatures and nature & do our best to make balance for quality living . Hence , it’s our urgent duty and responsibility to protect nature and to serve them in any way .


Motivational Point of View

After knowing that you are going to serve humanity through serving creatures , you are going to feel immense self-motivation and self-confidence instantly . Actually , It’s not only about serving creatures but it is more of that , It’s about protecting ecosystem  . Today , technology is that advance that it would make duplicate in anything but there are certain things duplicates of which we couldn’t afford . Because few things are directly related to our living and if you don’t get that in its purest form , there would be question on the living for not only human beings but for entire system . Therefore , It’s our duty to protect nature , creatures to it’s pure form .

It’s a human tendency when you serve someone unconditionally then it gives you enough peace and satisfaction which is going to be a reason for self motivation for you . By way of serving creatures , You are going to earn virtue as well . Adding to this , Your actions could become the reason for a change in the society . Once you start serving creatures every day , It is possible that other people are going to see you and few of them may get inspired from your activities and they start doing same . This way , it could be a long chain of goodness . This is going to be another reason for your motivation .

Timing of your serving creatures is equally important to your motivation . When you do this activity in early morning your level of motivation is gonna be high because the morning environment is such that you feel more happy , relaxed and peaceful compare to any other time of the day . When you do something good without thinking about its benefit of you , You feel more energetic and you start getting the sense of nobility by serving others . After doing such a task in the morning , your level of self motivation is gonna be high for entire day .


Concluding Note

So , In a way we could say that you get into a true quality of life which could be a reason to transform your life , If you remain in such a mode for a long period of time . A company needs to give certain part of it’s earning for Corporate Social Responsibility because a company own to society . Same way , a human being needs to do something for nature & creatures as our life own to these two . The law of nature is quite simple , you take care of nature , it is going to take care of many . At the end , Don’t forget to share us your experience of serving nature & creatures .

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