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Get self motivation in a Metro Train –

Metro train of your city would be the day to day thing for you. For those who are away from cities, they must have travelled in a Metro train at least once in their life, if they don’t then they must have an idea of Metro train that how is it operate, what is its average speed & what all facilities is this train having. I guess Metro train is operating in the world, if anywhere there is no Metro Train, there must be other rapid transit mode running on. Which could be subway, tube, underground & heavy rail. I’m gonna talk about these kind of trains without bothering of their names.

If, in any part of the world there is no Metro train, there must be other sort of trains. For those who don’t travel through Metro trains, they maybe using another mode of transport in their life. It could be local trains, buses or another mode of transport at least sometimes in their life. So, they could apply the mention things in this blog in their particular travel as well.

What do you feel –

Imagine you are travelling in a Metro train for an hour. You don’t have anything with you to pass your time for. You don’t have any newspaper, gadget, friend and so on. Even if you’ve something, you don’t wanna spend your time on that thing. Now you would feel plain boring. Passing time would be very difficult task for you for an hour. You would look here and there but you never gonna enjoy that one hour. You just feel to deboard train as soon as possible.

Now, I’ve few ideas by applying those you could enjoy your travel and feel all motivation of the world. You could even improvise these ideas with your creativity. There is no hard and fast rule to apply the below ideas in the same form. Our ultimate goal is to make that an hour worthy, so it could give you something. It totally depends on the circumstances and the environment inside your coach that how you are gonna pass your time.


What to do in a Metro Train –

In order to get something worthy while out for an hour. I am sharing few ideas which worked in my life I hope it could work in your life as well. If not, you could make some changes according to your priority and necessity.


– Observation

Observation is a very strong thing to do, it could help you in many professions. If you are in acting field, observation is your main weapon. I guess almost all actors in the world are into the habit of observing people, things or they wanna be into this habit. Because they don’t know which role they’ll have to play in future. So for that they must be ready in advance, when they observe people they get more of others. They get an idea that how an old man behave and how is a frustrated old man behave and how is a happy old man behave & same for others. A good actor doesn’t bother to play anyone’s role in the world & good actor must enjoy the role so observation has its part in this.


A Fashion Designer –

Same way observation could give you guidance & ideas about other professions as well. Imagine you are a fashion designer so when you observe people your focus would be on their fashion, apparels and much more. You would be happy to see that which fashion is trending these days because Metro train belongs to mass. So, you couldn’t expect only a few fashions there, in fact you could expect a city fashion out of mass people present there. Which is going to help you in your fashion designing.

A Psychiatrist –

I am getting another good example, if you are a psychiatrist you must be in the practice of observing people, their behaviour, how they react what they react. There is nothing better than a Metro coach as far as observing people is concerned. You could get so many people of different backgrounds, behaviour, emotions, intellect. So, what I mean to say, you could observe people at any length by sitting idle for an hour you could see how people react against crowd and you could assume the next step that what they’re gonna do in the next moment. By doing so, you could get more grip on your profession.


– Feel rich & get self motivation –

When you see a Metro train don’t you feel a rich feeling, no matter how rich or how poor you are but whenever you see any Metro train of the world you feel kind of happiness  because its infrastructure is so well and it’s the lifeline for your city. Metro train is considered as one of the best mode of transport for any city. So guys if you wanna feel motivation inside a Metro train just look to its interior, its design, you know every thing which you could see. It is so organised which gives you a rich feel, so here you just need to grasp this rich feel and try to keep it for as long as you could.

You would wonder but this rich feel could change your life. When your feelings are rich you feel joy & self motivation in everything because you are happy at that time and you do your task with complete willingness & joy. Surely, its result is gonna be something big and peaceful.


Ending Note –

So, guys from next whenever you travel through Metro train or through other modes of transport, don’t feel bored, even if you have nothing to do then try to apply above methods or your own creative ideas which are gonna help you. I focused on Metro train but you could get motivation in any of the public or private transport. It’s all about imagination and creativity, it’s like you get the fragrance of a Lotus in the middle of mud.


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